11.13.19 at 8:00 am

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Join this live workshop with Ari Echt-Wilson from HubSpot. Ari will lead a 1-hour workshop all about conversational marketing.

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    Ari Echt-Wilson
    Experiment Strategy Marketing Manager HubSpot
    Alex Meade
    Co-Leader San Diego HubSpot User Group



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    SPEAKER: Ari Echt-Wilson
    Experiment Strategy Marketing Manager - HubSpot,

    How can I help? How chatbots help your customers, sales team, and services team.

    Conversational marketing is a flywheel sweetspot. It's customer focussed: chatbots help prospects and customers self serve while also decreasing the time to connect with their points of contact at your company. With the right conversational design, sales and services teams will spend less time answering those straightforward questions, and more time making connections and helping customers succeed. In this session, learn from HubSpot's conversational marketing strategy, and get a behind the scenes look at how it developed.

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